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Pagina de titlu,primul volum.
Title page,first volume.

Astronomia - cunoasterea astrilor.
Astronomy-the knowledge of celestial bodies

Astrologia / Astrology
Astrologia-declarata aici ca fiind acea parte a Matematicilor aplicate care ne ofera cunoasterea corpurilor ceresti,a marimii ,a miscarilor ,distantelor,perioadelor,eclipselor lor etc.
Astrology- in the context is that part of  Applied Mathematics which gives us the knowledge of celestial bodies,their size, movements, distances, periods, eclipses.

Cosmografia / Cosmography

Cosmografia este stiinta care descrie lumea.

Cosmography is the description of the World.

Hidrografia / Hydrography

Hidrografia este,la propriu vorbind,cunoasterea apei.

Hydrography is basically the knowleadge of  water.

Horografia / Horography

Horografia este cunoasterea orelor,a timpului.

Horography,an account of the hours.

Frumusete celesta / Celestial beauty 

Frumusetea celesta,alegorie fermecatoare care ne arata in acelasi timp slabiciunea simturilor omenesti cat si nobila origine a frumusetii sufletesti.

Celestial beauty, charming allegory that shows at the same time the weakness of human senses  and the noble origin of spiritual beauty. 

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