Saturday, May 21, 2016

Moon Corona , Mars , Saturn and Jupiter on 20 May 2016

Of Moon , clouds and trees

Moon Corona on 20 May 2016

Moon Corona 20.05.2016.v6

Moon Corona 20.05.2016 v1

Moon Corona 20.05.2016.v2

Moon Corona 20.05.2016.v3

Moon Corona 20.05.2016.v4

Moon Corona 20.05.2016 .v5

Jupiter ,Regulus and Algieba over the tip

Jupiter and stars in Leo  , Regulus and Algieba over the tip of

the house , Denebola and Zosma above the planet 
Moon , Mars and Saturn

Moon , Mars at middle , Saturn alt the left of the pole

Moon and Mars over Hobbiton

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