Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pink and Deep Purple : Clouds in the Twilight

As we learn from here :

the civil twilight    ''  starts at sunset and continues until the brightest stars are first seen. It's 

the common legal meaning of twilight, as there is still light for many outside "civil" activities 

and most streetlights haven't been turned on. Technically it ends when the sun is 6 degrees

below the horizon, or about 25-30 minutes after sunset for temperate latitudes most times of  the year.''

During the twilight , the clouds display beautiful colors from gray-blue to pink and purple.

High altitude cirrus clouds on 14 of  April 2016 :

Cumulus clouds on 18 of June 2016:


Cumulonimbus clouds on 18 of June :

Cumulus clouds on 3-rd of July 2016:


Stratus clouds photographed on 3-rd of September 2016 while searching the crescent of the New Moon :




On 16 of September 2016 the show was made by high altitude cirrus clouds lit by the already set Sun :


Amateur astronomers hate clouds.
They are there whether we like it or not.
However , the observation of the multiple  and subtle atmospheric phenomena that accompany twilight is  a pleasant hobby.

Update :

More crepuscular rays seen on 23 of September , pics taken with my Allview A5 phone.


Crepuscular rays on 28 of September , pics taken with Coolpix S3300 compact camera.



The shapes and especially the colors of this evening clouds get me fascinated ,here are some more.


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