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Observatii Ianuarie-Martie 2017/Observations January-March 2017-Part II

Observations January-March 2017- P II

The Moon on 10 February through the lens of Coolpix S 3300 , mounted on a Velbon tripod.

Afocal pictures on 23 February 2017  : TS 100mm F/14 Maksutov - Cassegrainian at 56x / Sirius Plossl 25mm ,Coolpix S3300 , DIY pipe -mount.

The region of Merope in Pleiades

Messier 44 or Praesepe

Mizar ,Alcor , Sidus Ludoviciana

Regulus A+BC

Sigma Tauri

Cor Caroli /Alpha Canum Venaticorum 

Sirius and Venus on 25 of February , only  Coolpix S3300 :



Venus on 27 February , surrounded by a halo.
In the picture ,the diameter of the ''Venusian'' halo is smaller than what I saw visually.
Visually ,the diameter of the halo was about half the length of a brick also visible in the picture.
Knowing the distance to the wall and the dimensions of a brick and  using the ''arctan'' function I found for the halo a diameter of 0,32 degree or 19 minutes of arc.

On 28 February Venus was close to the two days old Moon.

Trying to capture the Winter Hexagon  with Coolpix S3300 , I missed Capella.

On the 3-rd of March I took afocal pics of the Moon in the day light using my 90X600mm  RFT refractor  at 24x / Sirius Plossl 25mm +Coolpix S3300 + SV Bony Moon&Skyglow filter.

This is a ''day light'' picture  of the Moon taken with only the Coolpix S3300 camera.

In the dusk  of the same day the Moon , Mars and Venus were lined on the Western sky .

On 4 March the Moon was in conjunction with Aldebaran as recorded below by the Coolpix S3300 camera.

For visual and afocal pictures of the Moon I used that night my trusty RFT 90x600mm refractor made by ''zoth''.
The Moon in my RFT 90x600mm refractor at 24x /Sirius Plossl 25mm.

On 13 March the Full Moon ,known as ''Worm Moon'' ,accompanied by Jupiter to the South , put up for a nice and colorful show !

 Arcturus spying through the branches ,at left !

On March 15 I was finally successful at recording the Winter Hexagon and the Winter Triangle.
Just in time !

The full Winter Hexagon :

The Winter Triangle :

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