Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Alpha Capricornid Fireball of August 10, 2022

The Alpha Capricornid fireball of August 10, 2022 at 20:40 UTC

 On the night of Wednesday, August 10, I was testing two binoculars.

 A fireball crossed the Southern sky around 20:40 UTC.

The starting point was at about the altitude of Altair and the trail lasted until the middle of the distance between the Moon and the quainte polygon of  Scutum constellation.

The total length of the trail was about 30 degrees and it was slightly slanted from N-NE to S-SW.

Initially the color of the fireball was bright white, the middle part was light bluish and at the end it exploded in three or four starlike neon-green fragments.

The last third of the trail was accompanied by green sparks but no noise was heard.

The fireball was definitely brighter than Altair.

A very impressive sight !

I made a sketch from memory, trying to capture the cloudy status of the sky, strongly lit by the 98 % illuminated Moon.

Crepuscular rays of August 10.

Crepuscular rays, evening of August 10

Moon and Saturn on August 12.

Moon and Saturn on August 12.
Saturn is in the center of the picture.

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