Monday, June 22, 2015

''Pluto Time'' in Arad , Romania

Sunday the   21-st of June 2015,at   21:35  UTC+2 ,  it was ''Pluto Time''  for me .
I learned this while perusing  the ''Sky&Telescope'' newsletter for current week.
There ,in an article by Kelly Beatty  about the sunlight on Pluto,  it is made available a link to a handy online app helping to find out when ''Pluto Time '' is for any location :

''Pluto Time'',on 21-st of June , in my garden

''Pluto Time'' five minutes latter

''Pluto Time'' eighteen minutes latter.
If this is noon light on Pluto ,just  imagine how the night will look  like there!
Planet or not , sometime in the remote future , Pluto will be maybe claimed by descendants of amateur astronomers

Pluto Time in Arad ,Romania ,on 22-nd of June 2015.