Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Lunar X and Lunar V ,crepuscular rays and planetary conjunctions

On June 20 I observed the ''Lunar X'' and ''Lunar V''  using my ''zoth'' 90x600mm refractor.

My ''zoth''  90x600 mm refractor 

Visual observations were made at 60x/ Plossl 10mm  and 100x / BCO 6mm.
The pics were taken in the afocal mode at 60 x with the Coolpix S3300 camera.
This is my second ''LunarX-Lunar V'' observation of  this ''light and shadow'' show of the Moon.

On July 14 I was preparing this Summer wine.

Above , on the sky it were visible for a long while spectacular crepuscular rays.

On the evening of July 15 the planet Venus was close to the Moon while Lady Luna was in conjuction with the star Regulus.
The Ashen Light was well visible on the Moon.

Venus to the left of the Moon

Venus in the left corner , Regulus below  the Moon

On July 20 the Moon was in conjunction with the planet Jupiter.

All pics , excepting those of Lunar X- V , were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3300 compact camera set on an all-metal old Velbon tripod.

My modified all-metal Velbon photo-tripod 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Naked eyes Astronomy : Moon , Venus and Jupiter on June 16th

On June 16th I started my naked eyes observations in the dusk.
The colors were beautiful , I used the compact Collpix S3300 camera to record the view.
At the computer I used ''posterization'' to enhance the images.

The Moon at 12.4 % illumination.

The Moon at left , Venus at right with a contrail in between.

The Moon and Venus above the Western horizon.
The aparent distance between the two celestial bodies was quite close to four degrees.
So this encounter qualify to be an actual Conjunction.

Lady Luna ,alone and beautiful !

 Jupiter to the South .

The Moon and Venus on the darker sky !

Jupiter shining above the Mures River and of the ''Traian -Karoly'' Bridge.

A  last look at the Moon-Venus Conjunction...

 North of the Moon -Venus pair ,a starry pair start being visible : Castor and Pollux !

 Sometime the naked eyes Astronomy is providing the most rewarding observations.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tranzit ISS 30 Mai 2018

Am urmarit tranzitul Statiei Spatiale Internationale din 30 Mai 2018 cu ochiul liber si am inregistrat-o fotografic cu aparatul Nikon Coolpix S3300 montat pe un trepied Velbon.
Dand clic pe prima poza ,si apoi pe urmatoarele , se obtine o animatie ad-hoc a acestui tranzit al ISS.
ISS  a devenit vizibila la ora 23:33:46 TLR si am pierdut contactul vizual imediat dupa ora 23:36:22 TLR ,ora ultimei fotografii.
Tranzitul a inceput la N-NV si s-a incheiat la E-SE , altitudinea maxima fiind ceva mai mare de 46 grade.