Sunday, December 4, 2016

Moon , Venus , Mars , contrails

Planes flying high receive sunlight when the world bellow is already in darkness.
We see this in the color of the contrails in the dusk of  18 November 2016.

At South West the planet Venus was shining very bright.


Another example of contrail illuminated by the Sun in the dusk on 22 November.

On first of December the sky was cloudy , bad for Astronomy ,good for Atmospheric Optics phaenomena !

The Sun was set and illuminated the bottom of the clouds and only their Western boarder.
It is a strange light that  , cast from downside to upside.

From a distance , like a gray spray  hanging bellow the clouds , it was visible some sort of  rainfall.

Above the Mures River there were two layers of clouds.
The upper cloud layer it was bright white.
It was maybe lit by the Moon ?


Unfortunately , I wasn't able to take pics of the Moon and Venus but just of Venus.

Much further and up on the Southern sky it was shining  the ruddy Mars.

I came back on the 3rd of December when I took pics of the Moon located at about seven degrees to the North of Venus.
The clouds allowed first to take pics of only Venus.

Latter of only the Moon with the ashenlight visible.

At the end ,of both...

Next day , Sunday , on 4 of December I was chassing the trio of Venus , Moon and Mars.