Thursday, August 18, 2016

Poze afocale /afocal pics through Newtonian 125mm telescope @ 35x

On 14 of June I took  some afocal pics using my DIY adaptor.
The used telescope was my workhorse Newtonian of 125mm aperture at f/7.
The power used was 35x obtained with a Sirius 25mm Plossl eyepiece.
The camera was the compact Nikon Coolpix S3300 camera.

16-17 Dra

Albireo Cyg

Alcor-Mizar  UMa,manipulated , zoom 150x

WDS 20060+3547 SHJ 314AF and WDS 20060+3546 SHJ 315AD  Cyg

Epsilon 1-2 Lyrae

Niu Dra

Omicron 1-2 Cyg

OSigma 525 Lyr

Sheliak Beta Lyr

Sigma 2470-Sigma 2474 Lyr

Sigma 2816-Sigma 2819 Cep

Vega Lyr

Zeta Lyr

Cr 399 ''Coathanger'' open star cluster 

Mel 111 open star cluster

Messier 39 open star cluster

Messier 29 open star cluster

Update : here are the ISO settings of some of the pictures above.

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