Monday, September 12, 2016

Moon on 12 of September

Today I was  actually trying to take pics of the pink clouds.
When the Sun is already bellow the horizon , the last rays illuminate the clouds from the bottom up.
The path of this rays is the longest,  this is why I believe their color is that beautiful pink (that I missed to see today).
However , I still managed to take a few pics of the nearby Moon.
No additional optics were used except the lens of the Nikon Coolpix S3300 compact camera.
This lens , when widely open , have an aperture of only 4.2mm !

Luna 12.09.2016    fl=27.6mm   f6.5    1/500sec   ISO400  -2.0EV

Moon 12 Sept 2016    fl=27.6mm    f/6.5   1/100sec.
   ISO 80       -2.0EV

Luna 12.09.2016       fl=60.7mm        f6.5       digital zoom 2.2x
 1/80sec.      ISO 80      -2.0EV

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