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Observatii Ianuarie-Martie 2017 /Observations January-March 2017-Part I

Observatii Ianuarie -Martie 2017 / P 1

Conjunction of Mars and Neptune as seen on January 2 through my 125mm F/7 Newtonian at 173x/Vixen 5mm orthoscopic ocular.

Neptun and Mars / 2 January 2017

Conjunction of Moon and Aldebaran on 9 January 2017

A somewhat closer look at the Moon-Aldebaran conjunction of 9 January 2017

Visual observation of the Moon-Aldebaran conjunction on 9 January through my 45mmx300mm ''beer bottle'' refractor at 12x / 25mm Sirius Plossl.

Moon-Aldebaran Conjunction on 9 january 2017

The main stars of Orion as recorded by the Nikon Coolpix S3300 camera on 9 of January.


Labeled picture of the main stars of Orion.
Beta Eridani is also visible.
Main stars of Orion

The Pleiades seen by Coolpix S3300 , January 9.
Only six stars.
Poor limiting magnitude , my best naked eyes observation counts more stars than this picture.

Messier 45 in the Coolpix S3300 camera

Venus ,bottom right corner and Mars ,middle top

Venus and Mars above background trees on 9 of January.

Gamma Leporis ,Sigma 747 ,Sigma Ori and Sigma 761 observed with the 45mm refractor stopped down to an aperture of 25mm.
The aim was to reenact some early double star observations.
The refractor was operating in the straight-through mode at 13x with a DIY -23mm Galilean ocular.

Gamma Leporis 

Sigma 747 in Orion 

Sigma Ori and Sigma 761 Ori

 On 18 January I start to juggle with filters.
Here we see the observations of the Merope Nebula known also as Tempels Nebula or NGC 1435.
And of the Messier1 and of Venus.
I was  using my 125mm F/7 Dobsonian and an Optolong UHC filter on Mesier1 and NGC 1435.
At Venus I used a Green #56 color filter.
Filters are not doing miracles but are useful accesories.

NGC 1435

Messier 1 


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