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Am primit de la Donna Smith acest email-chemare pentru ISAN 6 adica pentru participarea la editia din acest an a ,,International Sidewalk Astronomy Night'',email pe care ni s-a cerut sa-l raspandim. 
Ceea ce si incerc sa fac in cat mai multe locuri pe Internet. 

Actiunea promite sa fie o mega-actiune, in 20 Aprilie suprapunandu-se ISAN 6 organizat de ,,Sidewalk Astronomers'' cu ,,Global StarParty''/un Star- Party planetar organizat de AWB adica ,,Astronomer's Without Borders'' si cu Astronomy Day.

Dati-le-ncolo de fite,fasoane,campanii,sponsorizari,organizari,comisii,comitete bla bla bla... 
Pur si simplu pregatiti-va telescoapele,chemati-va prietenii si iesiti pe strada in 20 Aprilie pentru observatii publice. 
Va fi fain,va fi distractiv! 


Emailul c
u pricina mai jos : 

 new sa      The Sidewalk Astronomer
                                   NNewsletter of the Sidewalk Astronomers
                     March 2013

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Dear Mircea,
We're back...

We know that it's been awhile since a newsletter has been sent and we apologize. If anyone is interested in helping with the newsletter, please contact us because obviously we need some help.



We'll be celebrating John's 95th brithday with a day long event at Griffith Observatory on Sept 18th. 

In true sidewalk fashion, we'll be building at 12" telescope to use for observing the Moon that evening as part of the International Observe the Moon celebration.

There will be hands-on grinding for the public and any amateurs who want to get a work out. We'll also be assembling the mount so that everyone can see the entire telescope building process for themself.


Please join us for another great universal star party on April 20th and take part in ISAN 6. This year we will be partnering once again with Astronomer's Without Borders and joining ISAN with AWB's Global Star Party. April 20th is also Astronomy Day, so everyone should already be planning activities.

We know that it is sometimes difficult to have ISAN on Astronomy Day but there are only so many Saturday nights near first quarter in the spring and if we wait later in the year, it gets harder for those in many parts of the year.

So grab your scopes and hit the streets!

WEBSITE UPDATES, John Dobson and more news!

We have been updating the website with resources for observing and outreach. Have a resource that you think is helpful? Send it to us and we will add it to our page.

We also need some new content so if you have some new photos of your events or articles you have written, we would LOVE to post them.


John is doing well, he is still in Hollywood at the Vedanta Society. He made an appearance at the Pacific Astronomy Telescope Show (PATS) in September to celebrate his birthday and he was very entertaining. If you plan to be the Los Angeles area, he always welcomes visitors. Just let us know when you are coming and we can arrange for you to spend some time with him.

April as always is AWB's Global Astronomy Month (GAM). There are lots of activities for clubs or individual amateurs, teachers, enthusiasts and students. From online observing to astropoetry to sidewalk observing, there is really something for everyone. 

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter, please submit updates on your local activities to be included in future editions. Send an email with "newsletter submission" in the subject line (this is important, we get massive amounts of email and articles won't make it to the newsletter without that note). As you can see, photos will be small so make sure that any you send represent well in this size. 
Please forward this email to other amateur astronomers that you feel would enjoy reading it and becoming part of the Sidewalk Astronomers community!
 Carpe Noctem... and share it!

Sidewalk Astronomers

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