Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I'm embarked in a journey through the  AL Double Star List using my 60mm F=700mm refractor.
The recently finished 1.5 inch pipe-mount and the home-made clam shell are of great help.
To find the double stars I follow the instructions written by Bill Steen ,fellow of the ''60mmtelescopeclub''.
I'm already in the second half of this well known observational program.

Last night night,on Tuesday 18-th of February I observed ,meaning find and split the following stars:
Kappa Puppis
Alpha Leonis
Gamma Leonis
54 Leonis
The highest magnification used was 78x ,obtained with a 9mm Vixen Orthoscopic ocular.
An 1.25 inch ''Teleskop Service'' diagonal was used for better ergonomics ,my ex-military 8x30mm IOR binocular for scouting the sky and the ''Pocket Sky Atlas'' for detailed maps.
My 60x700mm refractor , Bushmaster lens ,Omegon tube and 1.5 ''  pipe mount

Double star 54 Leonis,split at 78x / 9 mm orthoscopic ocular

             Gamma Leonis or Algieba is a gem,split at 78x / 9mm Vixen orthoscopic but seen as two kissing spheres at 32 x /home-made 22 mm Ramsden ,nicknamed ''Aristotel''.
Kappa Puppis,easy find following Bill's instructions ,split at 78x.

Another double star was Alpha Leonis who's companion was already visible in the home -made 22 mm Ramsden ocular at 32 x but the 9mm ortho was of great help.

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