Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Asteroids Vesta and Ceres,Spring 2014

Asteroid Vesta,close to star 78 Vir , observed on 22-nd of April 2014 through 60x700mm refractor, at 17x, using a 42 mm TAL Achromatic Huygenian ocular 

The path of Vesta in Virgo constellation ,from 22 to 26 April 2014 ,observed with my Fujinon Mariner 7x50mm binocular

Asteroid Vesta at West of star 78 Vir and possibly asteroid Ceres at N-W of star 84 Vir, Fujinon Mariner 7x50mm

Yes ,the body seen at West of star 84 Vir proved to be asteroid Ceres.
Up:Asteroids Vesta and Ceres in Virgo on First of May 2014 ,binocular Fujinon Mariner 7x50mm
Down: Asteroids Vesta and Ceres on the fifth of May , Fujinon Mariner 7x50mm

Asteroid Ceres on the fifth of May 2014 ,close to star 78 Vir ,as seen in my ''Optus'' 76mm F/9 Newtonian reflector at 28x,using a ''Sirius '' 25mm Plossl ocular

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