Saturday, October 31, 2015

59 CYGNI , SIGMA 2741 , 17 CYGNI

Multiple star 59 Cygni , or Sigma 2743 , as seen in my 60x828mm refractor at 138 x / Baader Classic 6mm Ortho.
As understood in  a discussion on ''60mmtelescopeclub'' with Thomas Jensen , only the star at PA= 350 degree is actually a companion listed at a separation of 20,3 '' and mv= 9.5 in Burnham's ''Celestial Book''.
The other two companions , being of mv= 11.5 and mv=12, were out of reach of the 60mm refractor due to the strong Moon light.

This double star was seen on the same night in the Northern part of Cygnus but not identified.
The star was found to be Sigma 2741 on October 30 ,using the same gear.
The double star was not split but the two kissing Airy discs were clearly visible.
What a beautiful celestial gem!

17 Cygni is wide but very fine triple star due to the pinpoint but colorful companions.
Check it out!

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