Monday, November 16, 2015

Messier 2 and Messier 110 in my home-made 125mm Newtonian telescope

Globular cluster Messier 2 in Aquarius ,observed on November 10 with my home-made 125mm Newtonian reflector at the magnification of 144x  obtained with a  Tele Vue '' Radian''  6mm ocular.
The central region equal to half of the diameter seam  uniformly brighter than  the peripheral region.
No internal structure nor individual stars were visible.
The edge seem foggy and with averted vision the aspect of the cluster is granular , showing a tendency to eventually resolve to stars in a  telescope of  bigger aperture.

"M2map" by Roberto Mura - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons -

An object I presume to be Messier 110 ,a dwarf elliptical galaxy -satellite of the Great Andromeda Galaxy.
As seen at 216x / Kasai 4mm Orthoscopic ocular , in my 125mm reflector on November 10.
In the  35 x visual field of the ''Sirius '' Plossl 25 mm ocular ,this object is visible at PA = 230 to M31.

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