Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pi-1 + HJ 953 Pegasi and 36 Andromedae double star observations

Pi-1 and HJ 953 in Pegas in the same visual field.
Time :November 10.
Condition : seeing Pickering 6-7 , fog.
Instrument :125mm F/7 Newtonian
Magnification : 144x / Tele Vue Radian 6mm.
Resources: Toshimi Taki&Wehner Double Star Atlas.

36 Andromedae
Time : November 10 and 12.
Conditions: seeing Pickering 3-4 ,passing thin clouds on November 12.
Instrument: 125mm F/7 Newtonian / Dobsonian mount.
Magnifications: 144x / Tele Vue Radian 6mm -touching Airy discs on both occasions.For very brief moments the impression of unstable black space between components on Nov.12.
216x / Kasai 4 mm Orthoscopic ocular ,clear split on Nov. 12 with waving but constantly visible black space between main star and companion.

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