Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mercury Tranzit After- Party: Crespuscular Rays and a young New Moon Crescent

On 9 of May , the Nature  was celebrating the tranzit of Mercury  with gorgeous crepuscular rays and a thin 1.64 days (or 39 hours )  old  Moon crescent.
The Moon crescent was hardly but still visible in the day light.

First , let see some crepuscular rays.

And now the 1.64 days or 39 hrs old  Moon crescent.

The Moon crescent is visible above the stray cloud located above the ''is'' word.

Here the crescent was recorded at the level of the highest leaves and the heighest cloud.

And least but not last ,the manipulated pics of this young Moon Crescent , just to show it better.

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