Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mars,Antares and Saturn at the end of May 2016

Mars is at right with 2.29 mv Delta Scorpii at about the same height.
Above Delta Sco we see 2.56 mv Beta Scorpii and bellow
 the 2.89 mv Pi Scorpii.
Above the chimney there is Antares and Saturn is at the left
of the picture.

Mars , Antares and Saturn

From left : Mars , Delta Sco , Antares and Saturn.
Above Saturn we see the 2.43 mv Eta Ophiuchi at left
and 2.54 mv  Zeta Ophiuchi at right

Antares is next to the chimney , Saturn is at center- left  , Delta Scorpii and Mars at center- right.

All pics were taken on the night of May 28 / 2016 , with a hand-held Nikon Coolpix S3300 compact digital camera.

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