Sunday, September 4, 2016

Triangular configuration : Saturn , Mars , Antares on 1 September 2016

Thanks to ''This Week's Sky at a Glance'' of Sky&Telescope , I was aware about an interesting configuration to happen on the Southern sky.

It was about a perectly isosceles triangle to be formed by Saturn ,Mars and Antares on first of September.

On 31 of August the triangle was a bit step.
Saturn was the tip of the triangle at North with Mars at the Eastern tip and Antares at the Western tip.

However , on first of September ,the triangle was as predicted ,perfectly isosceles.
It was a beautiful sight with the naked eyes.
In the binocular it was a weird observation , a bit psychedelic because the three celestial bodies were seen very close to the edge of the visual filed , the color differences were striking and the scintilation of Antares was strong.

Anyway , a celestial show to remember !

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