Thursday, May 11, 2017

Observatii din primavara lui 2017/Observations Spring 2017-Part III

The Moon and Jupiter on the Eastern sky on March 30.

 Jupiter,the same evening ,  in the constellation Virgo at end of March,as  recorded by the Coolpix S3300 camera , between Spica and Theta Vir.

On 10 of April I was taking - at least I was trying - afocal pictures with my 90x600mm ''zoth'' RFT refracting telescope.

Here we see the 90mm RFT refractor on my DIY ''Penelopa'' pipe-mount with LV 30mm 2'' ocular.

 Mizar-Alcor-Sidus Ludoviciana in the 90mm RFT refractor.

Arcturus and the star 22 Boo.

Delta Boo and companion.

Dubhe -Alpha UMa and optical companion.

Mu Bootis- Alkalurops as a double star.
At 100x the dim star prove to be a tight double star itself.

The Moon and Jupiter on April 10 through the lens of Coolpix S3300 camera and SVBony ''Moon&Skyglow Filter''.

The Moon and Jupiter through the same camera and a green filter.

Life is not always smooth !
The broken arm of right hand ocular of the Sakura 9x60mm binocular.

But we are still looking confidently to the future !

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