Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Moon ,Venus and Saturn on the evening sky of November 3rd

Moon ,Venus and Saturn on the evening sky of November 3rd

On the evening of November 3rd the Moon and the planets Venus and Saturn were gathering on the South-Western sky , at low altitude above the horizon.
When I started observations ,the Moon was at an altitude of 18 degrees , Venus at 12 degrees and Saturn at 13 degrees....about.

I made the observations with the naked eyes , a Hapo Lord 3.6 x 40mm Opera Glass and I took pictures with my Nikon Coolpix S 3300 camera set on the modified  Velbon tripod.
The spot used for the observations is located on the banks of Mures River which is starring sometimes in my pics.

First , only the Moon was visible.
As the Sun was sinking bellow the horizon , Venus become visible , first in binocular ,latter with naked eyes.
As the twilight was progressing toward a  darker sky , also Saturn emerged from the interplanetary abyss.

Moon and Venus

Then Saturn is also joining the party.


Somewhat  ''closer '' look to the planetary encounter.

The ashenlight on the night part of the Moon was slightly visible with the naked eyes but reasonably visible in the 3.6x galilean binocular.
The color of the ashenlight was blueish-gray.



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