Monday, March 26, 2018

Outreach dedicated to ''The Earth Hour'' March 25 , 2018

The spark that triggered this outreach  came from Marc Frincu, the president of the Romanian Society for Cultural Astronomy.

In a note he announced  telescopic public observations during  "The Earth Hour" in the city of Timisoara.
 Thanksful  for the initiative, we joined with great joy and to hold a similar observation session in our city of Arad.
Unfortunately, Saturday the sky was cloudy.
My club mate  Armand announced the rescheduling of this evening's action to
Sunday  March 25th.

Armand participated with his 76mm TCM reflector and the undersigned '' with the ugly duck '', my 125mm F / 6.9 Dobsonian reflector.
I  moved the telescopes  with Armand's car and he did all the photos, which is why I thank him.

Armand's campaign in the virtual space aroused  the public's interest, a large part of the audience being made up of well-informed people who came specially for  these observations.
We enjoyed a  ‘’so-so’’ clear sky for about half an hour , after that the clouds hid the Moon.
And we "gathered the camp".

The only visible object through and among the cirrus clouds was the Moon, seen in both telescopes.
We deliberately installed our telescopes three meters away from the street lamp to show that very bright objects can be seen even in such unfriendly conditions.
Then,in the future , observing in better conditions, we will demonstrate '' without the right to appeal ''  the destroying impact  that irrational public illumination has on the visibility of the celestial objects.

The audience was made up of people of all ages, some of the participants took afocal Moon pics  using their cell phones.

We appreciate that the number of participants from the public was something between 70 to 100 people.
Most of them have been pleased or thrilled with what they have seen.

After the Moon was hidden '' definitively '' by the thick clouds, we showed some of the participants architectural details of the Catholic Cathedral, visible a few hundred meters away.
Armand presented to me his suitcase for binoculars and I presented to him my Hapo Lord 3.6x40mm Galilean binoculars.
At the end of the action, Armand and myself took a trip to the the so-called "Fanfare Platform" located  on the Mureş Dam as a possible venue for  future  telescopic sessiones.
After all the  above , we went home in a happy mood.
Next time will be even better, God help!

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